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Reposted from my blog dated January 9th, 2012: ( with added emphasis)

My husband finally persuaded me to watch the BBC Sherlock. He just loves BBC shows and occasionally I indulge him, but this time, he's been swearing up and down that I'll love it and I can't say that he's wrong. Highly amusing, highly exciting, and that lovely BBC kind of slashy where I honestly have no need to read/write fanfiction because they are already so, so, married. The sexual tension is so high between those two that if they kissed just once, I'd probably need a cigarette. The only person who doesn't seem to realize they are a couple is John Watson. (Not Sherlock. Trust me, he knows.)

I admit, though, my husband coaxed me into watching it by telling me that both the lead actors are going to be in the Hobbit movies, so I figured it couldn't hurt to check them out. *G*


Karma, you aren't funny. I just want you to know that.
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You know, it's not that I don't believe in recycling or conserving energy but I do think there is occasion to take that to the extreme. I bought a new kind of shampoo this week and I happened to read the label. On it, there was a little blip of information letting me know that my family could save $100 a year if we turned off the water while shampooing and conditioning.

...I prefer to think of it another way. For only one Ben Franklin a year, I can be HAPPY AND WARM in my shower, not dripping wet and cold for two minutes at a time! For crying out loud, the only time in the winter that I am ever actually warm is when I am in the shower and I dread getting out of it and into the cold air so very much. Once is bad enough but I am not about to do it three times to save 27 cents a day. Yeesh.

On a side note, an electric throw blanket is probably one of the best things I have ever bought myself. Twenty bucks for sweet, sweet electric warmth. Almost as good as a hot shower!
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I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive about music. If I find a song that pushes my buttons somehow, I can literally listen to it over and over again until I'm finally sick of it. (God, don't ask me how many times I listened to Bad Romance in a row. I feel that this information, along with how many times I saw The Phantom Menace in the theater, should remain a secret.)

Today my compulsion has given me Secondhand News by Fleetwood Mac. Always did like their music but after I heard it on the radio this morning, for some reason it stuck.

This line in particular:

When times go bad
When times go rough
Won't you lay me down in tall grass
And let me do my stuff

Unf. Yeah, do your stuff, pretty voice man.

Think I'll listen to that one more time before I go to sleep. ;)
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My son was walking around earlier today in a t-shirt and his underwear and I finally griped at him to put on pants because it was bugging me. And I realized that it wasn't just because our house is cold this morning. There is something just not right, in my head, about wearing a t-shirt with no pants. Not that subtracting the underwear would make it better or anything but it's just not right in the Major Clothing Order of Things.

Man + underpants - t-shirt - jeans - socks = OK

Man + underpants + jeans - t-shirt - socks = OK

Man + underpants + t-shirt - jeans - socks = Kind of weird

Man + underpants + socks - jeans - t-shirt = ALERT! ALERT!! VISUAL SHUTDOWN IN PROGRESS!!

I'm not entirely sure why, but this is the way the math works in my head. I never was good at math.... ;)
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My son has been to camp before. Last year he went to day camp and had a wonderful time so this year we decided he was ready for the full experience. He'll be at camp all day, all night for the whole week.

Now, this morning before we dropped him off, i got up at the usual time and found my son curled up on the sofa, weeping.

My first reaction to this is, as always, "Where are you bleeding??" It turns out that there was no blood or injury involved. Instead, he had decided he didn't want to go to camp and nothing I said would convince him otherwise. He Was Not Going. Oh, his reasons why were numerous. He would miss me too much, there were too many animals in the woods, he didn't like bugs. On and on.

I finally convinced him that if he went today and really, truly, hated it that much, I would come get him. I wouldn't leave him there to suffer, I would take him home.

What did he say to me as he sniffled back tears? "How will you know to get me?"

A counselor would tell me, of course. I figured that was obvious. Well, apparently it isn't. My son did not realize that there would be adults at the camp looking after him! I guess he just figured we'd throw him out of the car to live off the land for a week on his own and eventually, we might come find him again, if we felt like it. He was terrified because he thought he would be by himself for a week!!

After explaining he would be staying in a cabin, with two teenage counselors and a bunch of other kids, he was eager to go. But it's nice to see how much faith my kid has in me, that he really thought we were abandoning him in the woods. *G*

Hey, Hansel, don't forget your breadcrumbs, kid!
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I'm very used to people misspelling my online name. Something about it just inspires people to add or remove things, namely, 'e's. I guess it's sort of like the word banana, sometimes it's hard to know when to stop. Banananananana....


I have seen them all, plus or minus a few e's. It honestly amuses me, because I get these in emails or I see them around linking to my livejournal page or my website, all of which have my name right in them. It's like watching a virus mutating or something, to see how far it can go.

However, the absolute best mutation I have seen thus far must be this:


Ha! I love it! It's like playing six degrees of me!
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My laptop has died. Le sigh.

This is of great unhappiness to me, not because of the loss of laptop, really, but of the information on the hard drive. I still don't know if the drive is fried or if it was something else, but hopefully I'll be able to get the data off of it. The laptop is replaceable, the data so isn't.
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My husband and I have recently developed an unnatural addiction to our local salvation army. It just opened this last year and we donated a ton of stuff and our generosity has been greatly rewarded.

Thus far we have netted:

A super awesome retro sofa and loveseat with all the pillows and arm covers ($35!)
assorted shoes for my fashion addicted daughter
4 retro dining room chairs
a large harvest picture that matches my kitchen wonderfully
various Halloween's collectibles
jeans, jeans, and more jeans for my son
A gorgeous dollhouse-shaped bookcase that is almost twice my daughters size and retails for over $100 ($12)

Soon, my whole house will be decorated in Early American Junk. *G*
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Sometime, I think it was the week before last, I was getting my daily 44 oz Coke. (And yes, I drink those daily. I drink TWO daily but we'll get into my caffeine dependency another time.

Anyway, I have on my keys, aside from, you know, keys:

1. My Speedy Rewards card

2. A keychain of Spock and Kirk that was given to me by the lovely [ profile] sithdragn. It's a colored drawing of them, and the two of them are standing close enough to satisfy the slasher in me but far enough apart that I don't mind having it on my keys for the entire world to gawk at.

So, a couple weeks ago, I was getting my Coke. And I handed the cashier my keys so she could scan my Speedy Rewards card and thus, I could earn one of my two free weekly drinks. (I drink a lot of Coke, okay?) For the first time, ever, she noticed my keychain and said, "Aww, aren't the cute together!"

..she thought it was a photo of, like, I dunno, my brother or something with his boyfriend! Caught flatfooted, I just mumbled something along the lines of, 'Yeah, they are', and left.

This amuses me to no end, but even more so in that now when I come in, she does not comment on my keys anymore. Just quickly gives me my change. I don't know if she realized who they were later and decided I was a freak or if she thinks that I think she's a freak but either way, I'm amused.

By the way, if you're out there and you noticed the keys because you are a Trek slasher, hi! I don't think you're a freak! Feel free to give me a Vulcan salute next time. ;)
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You know,I work in a male dominated field. I am a sci-fi and horror buff. I collect transformers and I did it BEFORE I slashed them.

But there are times that I prove conclusively that I am a big girl )
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I have not really slept in three days. This is starting to bother me a little. It's not because I'm sick or anything, the answer is simple.

My husband is out of town on work and I can't sleep alone.

But I also can't sleep with one of my kids, as anyone who has children will testify that they grow in the night and take all the pillows and blankets. Plus, my son snores. And the dog is actually a little too cuddly for my tastes.

Not that I am complaining that he is working! But man, I could use a nap. Blah.
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It's only 30 degrees here, but I've already been outside basking in it. Why? Because the sun is out. It's like greeting a long lost friend, I tell you.

I was outside yesterday from the moment I got home from work. Gorgeous day. We dug out the charcoal and had a little celebratory barbecue. My kids finally got to enjoy our huge (somewhat muddy) backyard. When we moved last year, it was already fall, so they didn't get to enjoy it for very long. Winter was so bitterly cold this year we didn't send them out very much.

I was poking through the various flower beds, checking out the structure. Before we moved in, no one had lived here for a few years so they are badly overgrown but I found some of what I suspect are tulips poking through the leaves. I'm not a big flower person, so the huge bed in front of the back porch is going to be a vegetable/herb garden this summer and we're planning on getting to work on it as soon as I get some tools. I'm not the world's greatest gardener but I imagine I can handle some tomatoes. If anyone has suggestions for something easy and small to grow, throw 'em my way.

Spring, thank you for showing up!
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So...when did I start turning into a girl?

It started slow. i started enjoying the color pink after my daughter was born. And then the occasional frill and even skirt from time to time.

Now I am wearing makeup. O_o After eschewing it for most of my life, I got a free sample of Sephora foundation and now suddenly I own two of their starter kits because it's super easy and just needs a brush. (Liquid foundation is a horror that I shall never mention.)

Seriously, universe, the heck?


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