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Home from Mediawest and I am currently in the state of post-convention coma. Every year we get a little sad to see how small the con is becoming but this year was particularly bad since lot of people didn't get to come due to the weather. Understandable; at one point during the convention, we were crammed into a service hallway because of tornado warnings. True fans that we are, everyone there either had a smartphone or a laptop, and we all sang a rousing chorus of "I'm a Lumberjack."

Last day of my vacation, so of course, it's beautiful out after raining all week. Typical. I'm going to go veg in my sleep coma and enjoy it while I can.
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The only thing bad about going to Mediawest is the wait. OMG, I may not survive until tomorrow but I'm still not ready to go! Thus far, I am mostly packed and that's as far as I've gotten. I need to clean my car, finish cleaning my house, finish packing. Tonight, I am using a gift certificate I have for a free pedicure, then I must finish doing all the things!

Eeee, but I don't care! I want to be there already! My fannish batteries are in serious need of a recharge and Mediwast con is always a good way to get a zap.

[ profile] sithdragn, [ profile] crimsonquills, it's almost here!


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