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*groan* I'm going to try to do this and keep it up top for people. Wish me luck.

Transformers: Bayverse

Human Series

Forms of Life
Too Human
Experiments in Human Nature
Public Education
Knee-Jerk Reaction
Nervous System Hypothesis
Different Applications of Moral Support
This Body Electric
The Unconscious Mind
Subliminal Messages
Greeks Bearing Gifts
In a Dark Ruby Stain
Interruptions in the Key of C
Half to Rise, Half to Fall
Moments of Forgiveness
Topics of Conversation
Lies of Omission
The Theory of Existence
Beyond My Brave Facade
Parental Interaction In The Third Degree
Field Trips Into the Hypothetical
Arrested Developments of the Heart
Necessary Repairs
Prime and Punishment
Gravitational Drift
My Mechanical Romance
Eternal Sunshine of a Sparkless Mind
To Serve and Protect
Synonymous to an Intermission
Idioms for Idiots, In Any Language
Settling Debts
Interlude #1: Twins; Creation Myth
Interlude #2: Ratchet; Internal Whispers
Interlude #3: Bumblebee; Human Protocols
Interlude #4: Prowl; Safekeeping
Interlude #5, Sam; Dreamscape
Interlude #6, Ironhide; Restless
Limitations of Reasonable Discourse
Oh, My Little Soldier Boy
Moving Day
Interlude #7, Jolt; Age Discrepancy
To Live In Interesting Times

Also the AU Attention Getting Device

Solo Works

Welcome Back to Normal
For Educational Purposes Only
For Educational Purposes Only #2: Electric Boogaloo

Transformers: Prime

The Walking Wounded

Star Trek

'Years Went By' series

And Years Went By
Wished Me Well
Any Other Day
Time Is A River
An Appropriate Response to Reality

Unnamed Young Spock/Kirk series

This Rebellious Nature
These Fevered Dreams

The 'River in Egypt' series

Part 1: Heat
Part 2: Going Mental
Part 3: Systematic Denial
Part 4: Strategic Retreat

Solo Works

A Moment of Our Silence
Just a Taste
For I am Exposed
Universal Translation
fundamental things
The Cultural Significance of Blue
In Theory

Untitled Kirk/Spock/Spock Prime smutlet for Kink Meme

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The 'Taking Turns' series

No Turning Back
Division of Time
Manly Pursuits
Interlude: Aang
Say Anything
Interlude, Suki
Random Curiosity
Envy Was A Fever
Couldn't Drag Me Away
For the Love of Cheese
Interlude, Toph
As Easy As Breathing
Interlude, Iroh
Stealing Darkness
All That We See Or Seem
Go Your Own Way
Interlude, Jet
My Own Worst Enemy
Interlude, Katara

The 'Insomniacs' series

Fathers and Sons
Sins of Your Fathers
Caught By a Thread
fait accompli
When He Was Bad
What Doesn't Kill You

The 'Not Bored' series

Things To Do When You're Bored
On Display
Chasing Sanity
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