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Thamiris announced on her LJ she needed porn. Porn for Clark/Lex. Clex porn.

Well, this isn't it. Yet. This is sort of pre-porn. The plot before the porn. Getting to porn. Yeah.

He hadn't really meant to come here.

Didn't really know what he was going to do now that he'd come. Only his house was humid and musky-sweaty in that pre-summer heat kind of way, before you were used to it and could actually sleep through the sticky sheets, and Clark had been trying and failing to sleep for hours before coming here to cool, dark hallways and feeling his skin sigh in relief.

Only the fact that it was close to three am and that he was practically breaking into Lex's house that ruined it. Lex was a good friend, sure, but so was Pete and he couldn't see himself invading Pete's in the pre-dawn hours of the morning. At Pete's though there was Mr. And Mrs. Ross to contend with. Lex probably wouldn't mind if Clark felt like confessing in the morning.

Even so, Clark was moving as quietly as he could, soaking in the cool for as long as it lasted. He'd forgotten to put shoes on before he come, nearly sleepwalking through the fields as it was, and the floor was chill enough to make him want to strip off and lay on it naked.

He wasn't that asleep, though, and instead he made his way quietly upstairs, thinking of the leather sofas in Lex's study, which would be nasty against bare skin but felt like bliss if you were clothed.

Still at the top of the stairs, he could see a narrow beam of light through the barely opened door and crap, apparently Lex was awake at this time of the morning, working way harder than he should and maybe he'd like an interruption? Better see Lex's expression first, to gauge whether he was just tired or possibly pissed, or both.

Crouching down by the stairs, Clark concentrated, which really wasn't the right word for how he used his x-ray vision but he didn't think there -was- a word for it, not in English anyway, and he was getting a lot better at this if he could do it on the first try when he was still mostly sleepy; instead of accidentally peering through all the walls he managed just the one and all thoughts of sleepiness vanished when he saw that Lex was indeed in his study.

Except Lex wasn't alone. Someone, some man that he didn't recognize had Lex pinned across the pool table and God, did Lex have an ad in the classifieds advertising for kidnappers or something? Only this guy didn't look much like the other kidnappers Clark had seen. Blond and wearing a pretty nice suit and he didn't even look strong enough to pin Lex down, even though he was and Lex had a pained look on his face, was biting his lip hard enough to draw blood.

"Did you miss me?" the blond guy whispered, leaning down and, no way, licked Lex's ear and that was enough proof for Clark that this was not a normal kidnapping, not anything normal at all and he almost rushed it, almost did was he always did but Lex made a noise, and it sounded nothing like no, not at all.

Blond guy laughed, breathlessly, and he'd been holding Lex's hands behind his back until then, let them go and moved to push up Lex's shirt, and maybe Clark hadn't been too far off. Lex was still in his office clothes; he might have been up working late and gotten an interruption that wasn't nearly as friendly as Clark had planned.

His eyes were starting to ache, he wasn't used to using his x-ray vision for so long but the blond guy was starting to lick his way up Lex's spine, one of his hands sliding down to where Clark couldn't see it without looking through skin, and Lex was twisting and making those little not-no noises and he was just watching this, and he'd stop this, maybe, but maybe not, maybe this wasn't normal but it was still OK, maybe...

Except his vision went completely black for a moment, flashing spots in front of his eyes and he couldn't see anything but he could hear, and he heard a sudden, sickening crack and a scream. Not Lex, please, not Lex...

At any other time, in any other place, Clark would already be in there, because screams aren't usually a good thing, but this is...this is in the not normal zone so instead Clark crept closer, rubbing his eyes frantically and he could see normally but didn't dare try the x-ray vision again yet. Instead, he peeked through the opening next to the doorjamb and saw...Lex. Lex standing, holding a broken cue stick, and the other guy was on the floor, blubbering and holding his arm.

Lex looked weirdly calm for someone who'd...been attacked? Attacked someone himself? Clark wasn't even sure anymore and this was moving out of the not normal zone and into the twilight zone. Lex with his shirt untucked and mostly unbuttoned, a red mark visible at the base of his throat and he was tapping the broken stick against his leg casually.

"You know the way out, don't you, Dominic?" Blond guy was getting to his feet, awkwardly without being able to use his arms. "See you at the next board meeting. Oh, and I'd have that checked out if I were you."

(end bit)
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More on the Clark/Lex Cliché series that I seem to write on whenever I am bored. Go figure....

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This fic is probably a sign that I shouldn't write when I am at work. *G*

Title: Cliché #128 - Guys always fall asleep after sex.
by Keelywolfe

One of the first interesting things Clark had learned about Lex Luthor, post-virginity, was that he was definitely not a cuddler.

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Because I can't resist a bad pun. *G*

Title: Something Wicked This Way Comes
By Keelywolfe (

Rating: NC-17


It hadn’t taken very long for Lex to decide that the very best thing Clark Kent had going for him was something that 99.9% of Smallville would never, ever know about, at least if he had his way. Most of them would never be able to appreciate the rare talent of being able to give the best blowjob on the planet anyway, but luckily Lex often found himself in just such a position to test the theory.

Like now.

Sprawled in his desk chair, the back of his shirt riding up enough that he could feel his skin affixing itself to the leather, a ticklish drop of sweat making its way down his chest, and, oh, jesus, that boy had a mouth, slick mobile heat surrounding his cock as Clark went at it with the enthusiasm of someone wasn’t doing this as a favor, as a way to get something, the eagerness of someone who actually liked this, and who didn’t mind getting a little messy to do things right.

Lex clenched his fingers into Clark’s hair, an odd contrast of silky and crisp over his fingers and it was amazing how quickly you forgot what hair felt like when you didn’t have any of your own. Clutched those dark strands hair enough that he was dimly worried that afterward he wouldn’t be the only bald person in the room. But Clark never protested, never tried to shake his hands away and he moved his tongue in that peculiar little way that Lex had never been able to copy, making Lex curl up reflexively, all but trapping Clark in his lap as he arched up one last time and came.

God, there were some perks to having a teenaged lover. For the first time in his life, Lex was getting almost too much sex, and not just sex but good sex, -great- sex, nuclear explosion found dead of a heart attack sex. But damn, there were worse ways to die than with Clark Kent’s mouth between your legs, even tenderly like he was now, gentle licks and touches meant to soothe before he carefully tucked Lex back into his pants, not bothering to zip them.

He looked up at Lex, pretty enough, too pretty, really, with those soft puffy lips and wide eyes, that Lex almost didn’t hear him saying, “You’re really cute when you do that, you know.”

“When I do what?” asked Lex, eyebrows arching as he reached for the bottle of water on his desk. Instead of drinking it, he held the cool glass against his cheek, savoring the feel. He swore Clark was going to be the death of him, and the only good thing about that was wondering how his father would manage to cover up a death-by-gay-sex scandal. A shame he’d miss it, if it ever happened.

Clark had gone suspiciously silent, and Lex watched with amusement as Clark’s ears turned bright red, which traditionally meant he was going to try to demonstrate how very sophisticated he was by saying something he’d never be able to say in public. It was rather charming, really, and Lex waited patiently to see what it was.

“When you…when you come,” he clarified and Lex blinked.

“When I come…?” he repeated, trying to put the pieces together with what was left of his brain after that mind –and cock- blowing sex. It came together in his head with an almost audible click. “I’m cute when I –come-?” he sputtered and Clark grinned, folding his hands into Lex’s lap and resting his chin on them.

“Cute,” he agreed. “You make this little squeaky sound, and your face gets all scrunchy and then…” a renewed flush of pink, “After you come, you shake for about five minutes, and you breath like I nearly killed you. It’s cute.”

Another little quirk of Clark Kent’s was leaving Lex at a loss for words. He could feel his own rush of heat moving towards his ears, pausing to inflame his entire face and for Christ’s sake he was –blushing- because his teenage produce boy thought he was cute when he came.

“Cute,” Lex repeated, tasting the word. Well, there were worse things. Clark was beaming up at him, obviously pleased at having thrown him a curve ball, and Lex decided the only way to regain the upper hand was to go for the best tactical strategy he had at the moment. Distraction. “Shall we see what you look like when you come?” he asked, grinning wickedly and Clark’s blush moved to cover the rest of his face, and a few other places as well as Lex joined him on the floor.

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Wrote an answer to Livia's Bradbury title challenge. Was bored and slammed the entire thing out in about two hours. Damn, I wish I could do that every day...

Title: The Day It Rained Forever
By Keelywolfe (
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Eh, I'll just go ahead and say through 'Tempest'.
Pairing: Clark/Lex

Summary: Set into the future, at a funeral where even the weather has a
say in things.

Disclaimer: Clark and Lex are beautiful, sexy guys who suffer so very
prettily, and they belong to someone with a much larger bank account
than mine. This story won't be increasing my bank account either.

Author's Notes: An answer to the Bradbury title challenge. Just to play
it safe, and since it won't ruin the story, I'm going to mention that
this is sort of a character death story, since the funeral they are at
is Chloe's. Can't help myself, since I have a sincere fear that Chloe
is going to have all the luck of a Star Trek Captain's girlfriend while
she dates Clark. Ah, well.

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It's strange how the simplest things often have the most power.

Leaning back in his chair, Lex considered the simple white envelope. No fancy insignia blazoned across it, advertising its contents. Only a plain return address typed neatly in the corner.

Doctor Vargus
1401 Alma Street
Metropolis, KA 66632-2423

He tapped the envelope against his desk lightly, studying it. It would be a simple matter to slit open the flap and see what the good doctor had to say about the results of his tests. Only that tiny gesture and he could find out whether he was going to live or die.

All his brushes with death should be so ordinary.

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