Aug. 16th, 2013

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Title: The Road Delivered Us Home, Chapters Two and Three
Author: Keelywolfe
Fandom: The Hobbit (2012)
Rating: M
Pairing(s): Bilbo/Thorin
Characters: Bilbo, Frodo, Dwalin, Thorin, assorted others
Warning: There are a couple canonical characters deaths. Thorin is not one of them.

Summary: In the years since Bilbo left Erebor, he has lost his respectability, gained a nephew, and gotten on with life at Bag End.

He’d left aside adventure for the comforts and peace of his little Hobbit hole, and for the love of child who needed him. Though perhaps, adventures can yet find him.

Story Notes:

Or also known as: The Adventures of Young Frodo Baggins and his Cookie Monster.

This story is an AU, you’ll quickly find, in which Thorin survived the Battle of the Five Armies and remained King Under the Mountain.

It’s also an AU in which I have played with dates, times, places. What have you. Some people are older than they should be, some are younger, but hey, if Peter Jackson can do it, I’ll have some fun as well.

Author Notes: This story has briefly taken over my life, oh, yes. Many, many thanks to my very good friend [ profile] green_key, who has watched me agonize and write this. As always, she is my best sounding board and partner-in-crime. My mental picture of Dwalin is completely her fault.

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