Apr. 9th, 2012

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Worked very hard today. I moved ALL the things at work and I am so tired tonight I am just sitting here, glazed and achy, staring at the internets in the hopes that it will entertain me.

I'm cleaning up the desktop on my laptop and in poking through my fiction folder, I find that I have, in no particular order, in various stages of doneness.

1. One scene of John having sex with Sherlock and forcing him to quote musical terminology. (Almost finished but heck, I feel like I've posted nothing but PWP's in this fandom, I almost feel guilty for having more. *G*)

2. The next chapter of The Seven-Day Virgin. There are mentions of Scooby Doo. This I really need to finish up because Day Three is my only day that is giving me trouble. Days 4, 5, 6, and 7 are chewing at the bit, waiting for me to catch up.

3. One RPS story between Martin and Ben where they are camping in New Zealand. (Someone, please stop me.)

4. One Cabin Pressure/Sherlock story where Martin is playing prostitute and trying to pick John up in a bar. (Yes, I actually wrote that and it's almost finished. I think I'll write anything when I have a captive audience, waves at [livejournal.com profile] sithdragn)

5. One sort of non-con story where Sherlock is trying to goad John into having sex with him.

6. One REALLY non-con story where Moriarty is forcing John and Sherlock to, well, you know. See above. Heck, see any story I write.

7. Two stories set during and/or After Hounds, which is secretly my favorite episode and I don't like to admit to it because everyone else likes Reich.

8. One series that involves kind of behind the scenes segments of each episode.

9. One series that involves Sherlock taking John on dates, because he has it on good authority that this is what normal people do.

10. A story set after Reichenbach where John gets to be the detective for once.
...I could go on and on. My god, I think I have a sickness, I'm infested with Sherlock ideas. I haven't been this invested in a fandom since TPM, I think. I have over a hundred files saved in my fic folder, of tidbits and plot ideas and everything that I damn well want to write as soon as I have some TIME. Work needs to settle down and quickly. My kids are back in school from spring break, send me a day off so I can write!!


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